I am a self-driven pragmatic full stack software engineer. Throughout my career I have been focused on web and API development with an emphasis on automation.

I have been a web developer, platform engineer, software engineer, scrum master, product manager, sales engineer, enablement manager, and devops engineer at Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), The Weather Company, IBM, and Datadog. I have worked on cloud infrastructure platforms, developer tools and services, innovation products, productivity tools, and demo engineering stacks.



Jun 2017 - Present
Demo Engineering - DevOps Engineer / Manager
May 2018 - Present

Empower DD employees to articulate Datadog’s vision and value to our prospects and customers. Increase productivity and save time for anyone delivering demos. Maximize Pre-and-Post Sales Engineer’s face time with prospects and customers versus building demo solutions. Enable the product, marketing, sales, solutions, and success teams with the demo collateral that they need to showcase Datadog across all products and SKUs, for every vertical and segment, across all personas, use cases, and integration points. Ensure there are functional and reliable demo environments that prove our core capabilities and differentiators.

  • End-to-end full-stack ownership (designed, developed, operated, maintained, and supported) of 30+ projects powering 100s of demos given daily by 1,500+ unique employees. Projects power Datadog's largest events such as AWS Re:Invent and DASH where thousands see it live in action. These projects were also used in Datadog blogs, public and internal documentation, support troubleshooting, marketing materials, community videos, newsletters, feature announcements, and more.
  • Built and operated a system comprised of 14 micro-services, 6 databases, 2 caches, 2 queues, and a frontend. It is connected to several PaaS products: serverless, blob stores, notification services, DBaaS, and several external APIs. It is highly available and redundant. It runs across 3 cloud providers on 8 kubernetes clusters (7 PaaS, 1 self-managed). It connects the Infrastructure, Tracing, Profiling, Logs, Network Performance, Digital Experience, Database, Error Tracking, Security monitoring products at Datadog into a single interconnected data set with repeatable scenarios and stories.
  • Acted as an individual contributor (software, devops, and support engineer), product manager, technical team lead, and people manager at the same time.
  • Interfaced and collaborated with Datadog product managers (100+), software engineers (200+), product marketing (30+), sales engineers (150+), technical account and enablement managers (50+), support (300+), and community teams to gather requirements for their needs with regards to demonstrating the value of the platform.
  • Helped secure ~$390M in new revenue in 2021 via Pre/Post Sales deals where a Datadog SE gave two or more demos.
  • Pitched in on many rush efforts for various needs such as Gartner Magic Quadrant, AWS Re:Invent, Datadog's DASH, Forrester Wave, Enterprise Proof-of-Value data used to get the technical win in deals, Datadog new datacenter readiness testing, DD disaster recovery testing, and more.
  • Systems the Demo Engineering team owns powers over 60 demo scripts for various industry verticals, personas, specific products and features, and certain story driven scenarios.
  • Part of 24x7x365 on-call rotation: Responding to alerts and investigating issues with systems the team owns. 16x5 interrupt handler / platform support rotation: responding to customer (other Datadog employees) questions, issues, and requests.
  • Grew team from zero to three. Managed, mentored, coached, and worked along side of team members.

Technical Enablement Manager
May 2018 - May 2020 (2 years)

Enabled all of Technical Solutions (TS) at Datadog to do their jobs faster, onboard faster, and decreased the time to solutions. During tenure TS grew from ~80 to ~300 employees. TS includes Support, Sales Engineering, Technical Account & Enablement Management, Partner Solutions, and several other teams.

  • Migrated team from Google Docs, Zendesk KBs, and several other tools to central GitHub Wiki for internal knowledge base articles. Contributed to and over saw the growth of articles from ~30 to ~900.
  • Built automation to continually organize knowledge base articles into categories, import screenshots, generate table of contents, and apply article tagging.
  • Developed a Weekly Updates program for the department. Gathered product, platform, and team updates and condensed them into bit sized snippets. Weekly updates are presented on team calls ranging from 10-100 people, and sent via email to the whole department.
  • Developed a product announcement process for the company. Prior state was that new features and product updates were poorly communicated to Technical Solutions. By working with Product Management we were able to define a process and template by which updates could be shared with a broad audience.
  • Reduced onboarding time by ~30%; Revised all onboarding documentation, steps, and process. Onboarded 70+ individuals across various teams. Went on-site for many large onboarding classes (5-15) in NYC and SFO to conduct onboarding in-person.
  • Numerous tools to help speed time to value for many teams. Ranging from a file scraper to document which feature flags exist at Datadog, to APIs to allow external partner employees self-serve to a Datadog partner account (saving support 100s of hours with the previous manual process).
  • Helped build a global search tool to search across many disparate systems. Two major versions were released, and one was adopted by other departments.
  • Hired, coached, managed, and mentored two team members in two different regions and disciplines. Had 3 successful embeds (temporary team members from another team), one of which led to becoming my replacement as the team's manager, and another joined the team at a later date.

Enterprise Sales Engineer
Jun 2017 - Feb 2018 (8 months)

Engaged with large enterprises to help them obtain observability into their infrastructure and application performance.

  • Demonstrate the power and value of the Datadog platform.
  • Deeply understand a customer's various applications stacks and architectures to sell them the technical value they would gain from adopting Datadog.
  • Enable prospects and customers on the Datadog platform through short hands-on training and implementation sessions.
  • Solve technical sales opportunity issues ranging from education, deployment, adoption, custom integrations, and general troubleshooting.
  • Built small scale applications to help demo Datadog. Collaborated with other sales engineers to build demo stacks, scenarios, scripts, and tools to help us demo the product.
  • Helped build a self-service web tool (fetch) for spinning up on-demand kubernetes clusters with a demo application stack and datadog agents deployed to it and a new Datadog trial org for sales engineers to give demos.


Oct 2016 - Jun 2017 (9 months)
Consultant and Developer Advocate (4 months)
Mar 2017 - Jun 2017

  • Launched IBM Clould Schematics Service, an infrastructure as code service for the IBM cloud platform.
  • Educated and lead a team of platform and user experience engineers with guidance on DevOps and Infrastructure as Code and how customers would use the product.
  • Directed the product team towards a better experience for various personas through design, development, product planning, code review, and quality assurance testing.
  • Worked directly with customers to ensure their success with the IBM Cloud Schematics product.
  • Worked on automation, documentation, and on-boarding material. Included OSS contributions to get engineers engaged.

Offering Manager
Oct 2016 - Mar 2017 (6 months)

  • Led product vision and development for IBM Cloud Schematic service; A competitor to the likes of AWS CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager to enable an infrastructure as code execution service based on HashiCorp's OSS Terraform.
  • Coordinated between leadership vision based out of Raleigh North Carolina, service development team out of Böblingen Germany, user experience team out of Austin Texas, and a Terraform development team out of Bangalore India.
  • Acted as subject matter expert for Infrastructure as Code and Terraform.

The Weather Company

Feb 2013 - Feb 2017 (4 years)
Last five months were under IBM after acquisition
Worked in a myriad of roles across multiple disciplines, sometimes operating in multiple capacities at once. Primary focus was enabling other engineers to do their jobs more easily in a controlled manner to avoid tool and process disparity. Built many platforms, tools, and systems to move the company forward; examples include a multi-cloud infrastructure management platform, cloud cost visibility tools and reporting, infrastructure management platform, and corporate access control and reconciliation systems.
Senior Software Engineer
Jan 2015 - Feb 2017 (2 years)

  • Developed infrastructure environment management service built on top of Terraform to enable large distributed teams to use Terraform easily and safely; Used by 30+ teams, over 100 engineers, managing 210 environments with tens of thousands of resources, amounting to more than 50% of cloud workloads for TWC.
    • Built backend and ops components with Python, Ruby, Bash, GitHub API, Jenkins, Chef, EC2, ELB, Route53, S3, and Terraform
  • Designed and implemented a service to enable self registration and access control for Source Control Management and Artifact Repository Management using TWC's identity provider. Service continually reconciles users against active directory (via Okta; an iDP) and enforces certain security policies (such as two factor authentication). Services over 700 users, 1,700 source control repositories, 300 artifact repositories, and is continually growing.
    • Built backend, frontend, and ops components with Groovy, Grails, Quartz, Okta API, GitHub API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tomcat, AWS EC2, AutoScaling, ELB, S3, Python, Puppet, and Terraform
  • Implemented a documentation portal with automated build and deploy components. Solution pulled documentation from source control from over 50+ repositories where other engineers had written documentation using markdown, then compiled using middleman (a static site generator), then deployed to AWS; Documentation in the portal is used by over 300 engineers.
    • Built backend, frontend, and ops components with Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub API, Chef, Apache, EC2, AutoScaling, ELB, Route53, S3, Bash, AWS CLI, Terraform
  • Led internal cloud and developer evangelism efforts including pitches, demos, training sessions, and hands on development for several teams across the U.S. from ten to fifty or more participants.
  • Mentored two summer interns and one junior engineer, establishing strong relationships through project assignments and continual feedback and mentorship.

Platform (Software) Engineer
Feb 2013 - Jan 2015 (2 years)

  • Key contributor for cloud management platform (API first) that enabled developers to write once and deploy to multiple clouds; implemented many key features and frequent contributor to OSS libraries used by the platform.
    • Built backend, frontend, and deployment components utilizing Java, Groovy, Gradle, Dropwizard, Jersey, Spring-boot, Activiti, Dasein Cloud, Guava, TestNG, AWS SDK/API, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, ExtJS, HTML, Sass, CSS, Jasmine, Python, Puppet, EC2, ELB, Route53, S3, SNS, SES, RDS, and Terraform
  • Designed and implemented several cloud provider cost visibility and billing delivery solutions; Enabling just in time and historical operating cost visibility and insights into $20m+ annual cloud expenditure.
    • Built backend, frontend, and ops components with Java, Netflix Ice, Python, Google Sheets SDK/API, AWS SDK/API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Puppet, Tomcat, EC2, ELB, S3, SNS, SES, and Terraform
  • Established SCM solution for the enterprise growing to over 1,700 repos and 700 users.
  • Led a team of offshore engineers on a new major version of cloud management platform and through several major refactoring efforts.
  • Consulted with teams migrating to the cloud and designing cloud native solutions, starting from zero workloads to over 3500 nodes; included writing several POCs and prototypes to prove ideas and help teams with unfamiliar concepts.

Scrum Master
Jan 2014 - Oct 2016 (2.5 years)

  • Ran Scrum for a single engineering team for two years. Automated many of the administrative tasks of Scrum team management and reporting with Python, Bash, and Ruby.
  • Increased overall velocity and transparency for team from engineering to executive level; shared metrics and commitments with the entire engineering org.
  • Promoted Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Scrum across the engineering organization through meetups, Slack, documentation, and various other channels.
  • Coached engineers on Scrum principles for nine months, leading to team ownership over Scrum process and transition to new Scrum master.

Product Manager
Oct 2015 - Oct 2016 (1 year)

  • Owned the customer relationship, product roadmap, feature and enhancement prioritization, and overall success of:
    • Infrastructure management platform servicing 30+ development teams totaling over 100+ engineers handling tens of thousands of cloud resources costing $20m+ yearly
    • Centralized logging service based on the ELK stack. Used by 30+ teams and ingesting 40m+ logs per day
    • Centralized configuration management powered by enterprise Chef. Utilized by 40+ teams with 275+ engineers managing 4,000+ nodes
    • Source Control Management ( and corporate self-registration and reconciliation service. Used by 700+ customers and houses 1,700+ repos
    • Enterprise Artifact Repository used by 250+ users, serving 50k+ artifacts out of 100+ repos
    • SaaS monitoring solution(s) and relationships used by 30+ teams to monitor 3,000+ nodes
  • Key contact for AWS vendor management including product feedback, issue escalation and resolution, and technical sessions for $20m+ annual spend, 200+ AWS accounts with 1,500+ users.
  • Managed and automated organization wide quarterly product delivery planning process based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for over 30 development teams; Enabled executive and leadership visibility into the planning and delivery from various product teams.

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Aug 2008 - Feb 2013 (5 years)
Software Engineer

Worked in the company's innovation department. Operated as a full stack developer across all aspects of design, architecture, infrastructure, deployment, backend and frontend development, automation, testing, and client side software and scripting (thin clients and various other hardware, e.g. thermal printers and magnetic stripe card encoders and dispensers) for guest facing on-property solutions unique in the industry.

  • Principal and Key developer for:
    • Interactive large format display placed in hotel lobbies. Displays a number of dynamic data feeds relevant to hotel guest interest sourced from multiple APIs. Deployed to 40+ hotels.
      • Built backend, frontend, client, and ops components with Java, Spring, Ant, Resin, JavaScript, Prototype(JS), HTML, CSS, Sass, Bash, C++ (touch drivers)
    • Self-service check-in and check-out system used in hotel lobbies. Allows guests to check-in at kiosk and receive room keys or check-out and receive a room folio. Deployed to ~25 pilot hotels and ~15 US Army hotels. Two major versions built and supported.
      • Built backend, frontend, client, and ops components with Java, Spring, Ant, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bash, Resin, C++ (thermal printer, barcode scanner, mag-stripe encoder and dispenser, credit card reader)
    • Large format display showing local airport departure times, gates, flight numbers, and delays. Deployed to ~20 pilot hotels.
      • Built backend, frontend, client, and ops components with Java, Grails, Maven, jQuery, CSS, Bash, Resin, Elastic Beanstalk
    • Internal monitoring tool for all in-hotel solutions, ranging from power-on and connected to internet, to screen state, to configuration validation, to usage metrics.
      • Built backend, frontend, system, client, and ops components with Java, Grails, Maven, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, Bash, VNC, Tomcat, Unix tools, S3, Elastic Beanstalk
    • Complete refactor and redesign of all U.S. based Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express in-hotel Wifi landing pages. Responsible for frontend dev, deployment, and operations.
      • Built frontend with HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, Apache, EC2, AutoScaling
  • Mobile check-in and mobile room key solution. Allowed guests to check-in via their phone and open their room via unique audio technology playback through handset. Worked as developer on guest facing opt-in and registration portals, back-of-house integration, and administrative services for managing guests who had opted in. Also played role in QA tooling and debugging for audio playback and doorlock testing. Deployed to five pilot hotels.
    • Built backend, frontend, mobile, and ops components with Java, Grails, Maven, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, Bash, EC2, AutoScaling, ELB
  • Built numerous internal developer, ops, and QA tools for working with various systems, such as: reservation systems, third party APIs, hardware ranging from hotel door locks, to magnetic stripe readers, to magnetic stripe encoders and dispensers, monitoring tools, and home-brew configuration management tools for in-hotel staff and hardware.
  • Travelled across the U.S. installing and training staff on numerous projects.

Clayton State University

Jun 2005 - Aug 2008 (3 years)
Web Developer / Technical Analyst

  • Helped design and implement asset (primarely laptops) tracking application; used by 50+ employees that tracked thousands of assets and hundreds of locations and customers.
    • Developed frontend (JavaScript, ERB, HTML, CSS) and backend (Ruby on Rails) components
  • Implemented key features for a student kiosk to receive service from technical help desk; used daily by hundreds of students and 50+ employees to help organize queuing.
  • Assisted in managing call center by training new staff, managing call rotation and schedule, handling call escalation, performing additional troubleshooting with more junior staff members, writing solution guides for common issues, managing ticket queues, and assigning tickets for on-site service calls.
  • Provided technical assistance to both students and staff; serviced thousands of tickets, comprised of in-person technical support, email support, and phone support.



self-starter, pragmatic, autonomous, customer obsessed, transparent, kind, humble, collaborative, accountable, detail oriented

Backend Dev:

Java/Groovy, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Ruby, C#/dotnet

Frontend Dev:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, exposure to many FE frameworks and libraries


Python, Bash, Ruby

Web Stack:

Kubernetes, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, various Linux distros, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Cloud Providers:

AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Heroku, Digital Ocean

Infrastructure & Configuration:

Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Packer, Puppet, Chef, Ansible

Dev Tools & Pipeline:

GitLab, Docker, Jenkins & others, Vagrant, various package managers (e.g. Yarn, NPM, RubyGems, pip, NuGet, etc), various build tools (e.g. Gradle, Maven, Grunt, Gulp, Ant, etc), various Unix Tools, Git, SVN, GitHub, BitBucket, 100s of various CLI tools


Available upon request